4 things to do when an earthquake occurs in Japan


Have you ever experienced an earthquake? Japan is a country with a lot of big earthquakes.

What would you do if an earthquake occurred while you were staying in Japan.

This time I would like you to introduce 4 things to do when an earthquake occurred in Japan.


Defend your head

When an earthquake occurs, various things may fall from above the head. For example, bulb, glass. Be sure to defend your head


If you are near the coast, "not far", go to "higher place".

March 11, 2011. great earthquake disaster. Total 20,000 people are dead or missed. More than 90% of the dead were drowned due to the tsunami.

The speed of the tsunami is so fast that you can not run and run away.

When a great earthquake occurred, if you are near the coast, as soon as possible "Please evacuate to a high place, not far"



Run into safety zone "triangular spot"

When an earthquake occurred, if you are inside the house, go to a wide place without danger of falling objects.

If it is difficult to move there immediately, please avoid the place of weak structure. For example, "under the door" .

it is said that it is safe "triangular spot". Triangle structure is very strong against external forces.



Do not ride on the elevator

After the earthquake, the elevator may stop.

Let's evacuate by using the stairs.

Moreover, even if it is confined, it will not panic, let's buzzer and let's contact the outside.


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